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Arctic Air, Portable in Home Air Cooler As Seen on TV


(12 customer reviews)
  • Personal space cooler that lets you create your own personal comfort zone
  • Best when used withing 2 feet of device
  • Ideal for office desks or small spaces
  • Adjustable thermostat; 3 Different cooling settings
  • Cools and purifies for clean air
  • Easy-fill water tank lasts up to 8 hours
  • Build in LED mood light with 7 color options; color-cycle option too
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Freon free, energy efficient and eco-friendly

The As Seen on TV Arctic Air Cooler is a portable air conditioner that cools, purifies, filters, and humidifies the air around you. Simply add water in the cooler and it begins blowing out cool, purified air. The simple yet effective way to stay extra cool when you need it. There is a fully adjustable digital thermostat so that the cooler will adjust the air temperature to your own personal climate. With the Arctic Air, you are in control of your own personal thermostat so no more hassling with others to turn it down. The Arctic Air is more affordable, portable, and efficient than an alternative air conditioning unit as well as an efficient replacement for a fan. Running up to 8 hours per fill, just fill, relax, and enjoy the cool air conditioning. Arctic Air Cooler from As Seen on TV runs quietly so you don’t have to worry about an annoying buzzing noise. Unlike most air coolers the Arctic Air Cooler is lightweight and compact, eliminating storage space and the need for help to relocate the device. Blowing cool air from up to two feet, the Arctic Air is the ideal addition to your desk at work or home. Say goodbye to that stuffy, hot office air and hello to the cool, refreshing Arctic Air.

12 reviews for Arctic Air, Portable in Home Air Cooler As Seen on TV

  1. ezShopOL

    I compared the arctirc air to the arctic air ultra. I will buy the new one.

  2. Lorraine

    The unit is small, but useful. It keeps my hubby cool at night without giving me the chills or getting sick like I do under a fan. You really have to read the instructions to make sure you are caring for this unit. I thought it weird to have to run it for 4 hours after it was out of water, but if it keeps the filter dry and no water leaking I will do it. I didn’t realize the water was still in the filter the first time I used it, so when I went to move it the water spilled. Since I’ve ran it for a time after it starts flashing yellow, no more spilled water! My son looks forward to taking his to camp. I love this little thing. Remember this is not a mini a/c unit, so don’t expect that it’s going to cool down your whole room. The sound may be too loud for some. For me it’s similar to a white noise machine so it actually works out good. The lights I can do without most night, so we turn it off, but good for when the kiddos sneak in so they don’t fall over our yoga chair. LOL

  3. Jeree George

    This little cooler certainly shocked me. I was not expecting for it to blow such cool air steadily. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it’s definetly a great addition to any personal space

  4. asseenontv

    My office is quite warm (80*F), being quite heat sensitive this leave me feeling sick and even sometimes causes me to vomit and without anyone in management willing to fix this issue (because I’m the only one with this issue) I have taken it upon myself to fix this issue myself. And boy has this fixed the issue! I didn’t expect this to cool my entire office I share with 10 other people and 15 gaming quality computers, and it didn’t. However it does help me personally keep cooler at my desk. The thermometer I brought to work shows that it is blowing out air that is 61*F! and at the edge of my 6ftx6ft cubicle it is 76*F. I put ice and water in the water tank and have to refill it about every 3-4 hours. My only concern is that it may be a bit difficult to clean. Will update review if this becomes a major issue.

  5. asseenontv

    I’ve suffered in a sweltering office for 9 years. Summer or winter it’s always 76 degrees and miserable. Bought this on a whim and I am the most comfortable I’ve ever been sitting behind my desk. The negative reviews I’ve read seem to be from users who expect this to cool an entire room or larger area. The air that blows out is a good 15+ degrees cooler. It’s got an adjustable fan, so you don’t have to have a strong wind at all times. The tank that you fill with water, you could put ice cubes in as well…to make it even colder.

  6. asseenontv

    Great product, compact and easy to use. My wife has it on her desk to cool down since her coworker runs a space heater in the summer, provides welcome relief! Design, fit and finish is clean. Great buy for the money.

  7. asseenontv

    O.K, I admit it, at first I hated it. No way could this little thing cool off my computer work area, or go to sleep – however after a couple days I realized while not a big gush of cold air as the advertising wants you believe, it has a nice, kind of gentle cooling effect while I am napping or whatever. It takes a couple days for the amber light to quit flashing, that is because the filter needs to filled, or activated, or whatever you call it. Now this little guy is NOT going to replace a 5,000btu AC, but will provide a nice little cooling effect for SPOT cooling, you have to have it very close to where you need the air. was going to return it, but enjoy that fresh little air it puts out.

  8. asseenontv

    This is a life saver! It’s so hot here during the summer and I out this on my nightstand while I’m sleeping at night and I can leave the AC up a few degrees so I’m not cooling the whole house at night. I usually leave it on low and I get about 5-6 hours on a tank of water. It’ll still work just as a fan when the water is out, but it’s no big deal to just add some more water. Add some ice cubes for added cooling. Be advised this isn’t intended to cool a whole room. You’ll need to be a few feet away in order to get any cooling effect. I hope they find a way to make a bigger water tank on future models, but until then I’ll gladly keep using this. You also need to replace the filter every few months but that’s okay. It’s definitely worth it.

  9. asseenontv

    Received the item when they said we would and got what I ordered.
    I purchased 2 of these for our bathrooms. For some reason these two rooms in our house retain heat in summer and if anyone knows what the heat is like inside when its over 100 outside you know how still and confining a space can fell when its hot.
    They do make a difference and I am glad I purchased them, They dont take up much space and they arent loud, they do make a noise but its not annoying. The light on it is a bonus for me and it helps me to remind myself that it is on and to turn it off before we leave the rooms.
    FYI yes they opperate by water, so if you dont remember to fill the side container shame on you :)…
    I will be purchasing another one to put in my office this summer.

  10. asseenontv

    It performs as shown on TV. I have it in my kitchen where it works like a charm. I refill it every 4 hours and am good to go!

  11. asseenontv

    I enjoy this little A/C unit. My office gets so hot during the day mostly because our building is old. One room could be cold and the other way too hot. Well, mine is the way too hot. I am able to turn this little unit on and cool down in just minutes. It has been a life saver during these older year hot flashes and an office that is too hot. I would recommend it to anyone!!!

  12. asseenontv

    I bought this evaporative cooling box to lower temp and raise humidity in a 2x4x6 grow tent and it worked perfectly. Before adding, the tent was 80 degrees and 20% humidity which is rough for plants. After arctic cooler for an hour it was 72 degrees and 58% humidity which is basically perfect. The fan has a decent hum to it on high. The product is just a fan blowing over a wet air filter to add humidity into the air so if that’s your goal for a small area this will work.

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